My passion is my Drive

What was once impossible is now possible

My aim is driven through my passion to share a better understanding of mental health issues combined with ways to better manage our anxiety and depression through education and life coaching. With simple strategies, training and understanding we can overcome the mental health issues that control our day to day life.

With inspirational content to help gain understanding as you learn new skills by reading and implementing goals and strategies that can offer value to your life. I have always believed that getting adequate rest and through regular exercise, nutrition and even meditation I can cope better with life’s problems. I am better equipped and able to deal with issues as they arise and not get overwhelmed and weighed down by them.

If anyone has gone through abuse or suffered depression and anxiety, I would always recommend for people to talk about what they are going through with friends, family, loved ones or industry professionals. This is always the first stage in your road to recovery. Once we stop suppressing the emotions we feel by talking about them, we can begin to heal.

I have a Diploma in Psychology #261-8120367, a certificate in SMART training (Strategies for Managing Abuse Related Trauma), dealing with change, balance work and life, discrimination and Dealing with stress and diversity as well as assisting children that have been the victims of abuse. I am constantly striving to learn more about human emotions, behaviors and thought processes associated to gain a better understanding of why we act, or even react the way we do to every day situations.

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