Motivation, or the lack there of.

We all lack motivation from time to time, but we do need to find the motivation before our depressed state is that comfortable in your life that it takes a seat because once it sits down you are going to struggle to get rid of it. For most people they don’t know what their motivation is, they have absolutely no Idea what excites them at all. I agree, it’s hard to find motivation on the lounge or in front of the tv or if you spend all your time on your phone or ipad or computer. most people say i’m not depressed, depression is simply a low emotional state. Everybody in this world gets depressed, it’s only the depth of the depression that varies. When you get hurt, lied to, upset, annoyed, beaten, betrayed, these are all depressive states. How often we are subjected to these, the longer and more frequent these happen to us dictates how quickly we succumb to clinically diagnosed depression.

I spoke with a bloke the other day about he had no motivation for his job, I told him that was rubbish, I told him that his motivation wasn’t big enough. I said to him what if I told you to come and see me here tomorrow morning at 4 am and I’ll give you a hamburger, he said he wasn’t getting out of bed at 4 am for that, I said but what if you were starving, he said he didn’t care. I said ok what if I said be here at 4 am tomorrow morning and I’ll give you 3 million dollars, he said he would be here at 3:55 am knocking on my door for that money, I said even if it’s pouring rain and freezing cold outside and he said hell yeah it would be worth the 3 million dollars. I told him he had more chance of getting a hamburger from me at 4 am than he ever did at getting 3 million dollars from me, but he wasn’t concerned because his motivation was  so great, his motivation was the 3 million dollars.

Unfortunately we are so often too focused on the little things in life that are much easier to reach with no commitment and little motivation, that we don’t chase the goals that are right under our noses, and so easily accessible if we committed and found the motivation to go out and get it. but we talk ourselves out of this by making our end goal much smaller in our heads than it actually is, so that our brain will never find the motivation your body needs to commit to seeing your dream through.

Think about all the things that you wanted out of life, forget about your bills, forget about your job, or anything that’s not going right in your life at the moment because these things will always be there, we just need to learn to deal with these but not stay focused on them.

We ALL have that dream, that end result of how we want our lives to be. Envision it, feel it, become it, focus on that picture every day of your life and use this as your motivation. Then start taking MASSIVE IMMEDIATE ACTION because the longer you wait the more chance of the negative depressive thoughts taking control of your mind and filling you with self doubt, telling yourself that you can’t do it, that your not worth it, that is rubbish.

You can do it, you are worth it and you owe it to yourself to achieve it, because no one’s going to hand it to you. You have to be willing to stand up off that couch or get out of that pub or break that bad habit and start the process. The greatest motorcycle stuntman of all times Evil Knievel once said “if something is possible, it has been done. If something is impossible, somebody will find a way to do it”. Nothing is impossible, your only limitation is you, not money, not time, not motivation, just you. If you want something bad enough you will figure out a way to get it.


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