Chase Your dreams or live your fear

Many people aren’t living their dreams, they are living their fears.

Many people aren’t living their dreams, they are living their fears. They are living their fears because in order to get to where you want to be, financially, physically, spiritually, you’ve got to make some hard decisions, you have to go through hard times. Nothing in life that’s worth doing, is worth doing easy, at the end of the day if you want to chase your dream, not what others have in store for you, I’m talking about your dream, your passion, your gift. Then you are going to have to do it hard, put in the extra work, do the extra hours, practice and practice and practice what you have to do to achieve this, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing hard and never be afraid to fail.

Walt Disney filed for bankruptcy 7 times and had 2 nervous breakdowns before he became successful. Before April 1954 the 4 minute mile was considered an un achievable goal because so many had tried and failed. A man named Roger bannister came along with one goal in his head, to break the 4 minute mile, he trained different, thought different, did everything he could, different to everyone else that tried and failed. He had that one focus and that one goal, he trained harder than anyone, he thought differently to everyone and he was never going to accept failure, sure he failed and failed and failed, but he never gave up on his belief that the 4 minute mile could be broken. Since that day over twenty thousand people have run better than his time, and many of those have been school kids, why is that. Because somebody had already done it so everyone knew it could be done, this gave them the leverage to overcome the negative thought that it was unachievable.

Don’t be afraid to fail, failing doesn’t make you a loser, giving up makes you a loser.There are losers, there are winners and there are people who haven’t figured out how to win yet. Which one are you.

Learn to live with failure because everybody fails, there is not a person on this planet (and I don’t care how successful you are) that has not failed. The difference is the people that failed and kept going became successful, if you fail, try something else, if you fail again, try something else, if that fails keep changing what it is you’re doing, keep going and never give up until you succeed, failure is not an option.

Let me tell you something I know, I wasted 47 years of my life doing nothing, I did try a few things, I tried inventing things, I tried my own businesses, I’ve taken jobs that I knew I hated before I even accepted them, but I took them because my own belief system was so low that I believed this is as good as I thought I could ever be.

I am now pursuing something I have knowledge about and that I can help other people with, it may not pay anything, but money isn’t my driving force behind this. It’s helping others to not to have to live the life I’ve led while helping myself grow as a better human being. The change you are chasing will come but first you must change yourself.


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