Failure is growth, If we don’t fail, we don’t learn, if we don’t learn we don’t grow.

If you want your life to change, don’t wait for it to change because you’ll die waiting.
You must change yourself, you must change what you are willing to accept, you must change what you are doing, or what you are not doing and you MUST do it now.
Because if not now, when.
If not right now, you are giving your mind the opportunity to talk you out of it, and it will, because it’s scared of changing or it’s scared of failing or it’s scared of the unknown and that’s because your brain has been there before and it doesn’t like it, and in doing so is trying to protect you by not letting you fail.
Let me tell you this, EVERYONE FAILS, if we don’t fail, if we don’t grow.
How do you think an athlete would be if they always beat the competition, would they train harder? No. And you will never grow if you continue to compete against the people you are better than.
The only people training harder than the winner, is all the athletes that failed to beat the winner.
Some athletes may give up and stop running, others will continue to run and continue to fail.
But they will continue, they will continue to train, they will continue to fine tune what they do and they will keep going, adapting, changing and working harder than the one person they have to beat, and eventually one of them will.
This will be the one who wanted it, who saw that end goal, who fought through all their failures, who kept working harder than anyone else, who ignored their brain telling them you can’t achieve this.
One of the best quotes I ever heard came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The mind always gives up before the body does, the trick is to get your mind working for you, not against you.
Are you going to listen to your mind, or are you going to listen to your heart? It’s a known medical fact that a developing baby heart while in the womb will start beating at approx 5 weeks, while there brain doesn’t start any sign of functioning until approx 21 weeks.
So how if the baby’s brain isn’t yet fully developed can it’s own heart start beating, medics will always have many theories on this, but I believe that the heart has it’s own intelligence similar to the brain.
I also believe this is why anything bad that happens we associate with the brain, like nightmares, bad ideas, etc. Yet anything good in our lives we associate with our heart, our loves, our passions, our desires are all heartfelt.
Chase what’s in your heart, force your brain to get you there and never let your brain tell you to give up on yourself because YOU are worth the effort.


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