So Lets Get Motivated.

Training to improve your mind as well as your body.

Training to improve your mind as well as your body.

Mental Fitness
Fitness for mental health

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog. First of all can I say thank you and I would like to acknowledge all you wonderful people that are taking this journey with me so that we can all make our lives better together. Also Just for subscribing to my Blog updates, I will also give you FOR FREE my 7 Ways To Be Happy plan. There will be a link at the bottom.

Everything we do is based on our belief systems, what we’re taught, what we learn, what we do and don’t do as well as what we surround ourselves with, by that I mean our environment, people, places, cultures, etc. Our environment plays a huge role in who we become, it’s guided by such events as life, ie; new people coming into our lives, new friendships, be it good or bad, new family members ie; the birth of a new child, and even death, the loss of a loved one. Now these don’t seem like a big deal when you are young, I mean, births happen quite often as family grows and deaths are generally quite rare right?

But as we get older this whole dynamic shifts, especially as we get into the “oh my god you’re so old” category. Births seem to be fewer and deaths, more common than we’d like. We tend to, as we get older, take notice of this part of life with more intent, more so than we did as kids, and why is that? It’s all to do with our focus based on our environment. When we are young the last thing we focus on is death right? Let’s face it it’s been happing all our lives and will continue to do so long after we are gone. But what we need to focus on is right here, right now. As Buddha once said, If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future but if you are at peace you are living in the present.

Getting Started:

Now let’s get started on getting your mind and body in shape. Firstly, what are your goals out there, what do you want to achieve? Please feel free to hit the link right here or the Email Me button below to leave a comment, let me know what you want from this, what are your fitness, and more importantly, your mental health goals. Now it doesn’t need to be a huge list, just a few sentences will do.

Email Me

Lets Get Sweaty:

Ok, I want everyone to do a simple 1 minute exercise with me, just as a starting point I would like you all to take notice and remember how you feel right now, right in this very moment and then again once you have done this little exercise with me for about 1 minute. Not long right? but what I want you to take notice of before, during and after this is done is your emotional mindset. Has it changed? is it better or worse? was the workout hard or easy? What I want you to do right now is click the link below, do the exercise (don’t cheat or skip this part) because this is where I also stated on my 7 ways to happiness blog “you need to be committed”. Unfortunately I don’t have all the sophisticated high tech gadgetry that the bigger guys do so you may want to watch the video first as the sound and picture quality is low as it was all done using my phone, but I promise you all this will get better as we go. Ok go ahead and click the link below and then come right back here when you’re finished.

How Did You Go:

Ok welcome back, I’ll let you catch your breathe for a second. First thing a lot of you may have picked up on (for those who don’t live in Australia), yes I’m Australian, I do sound a bit Bogan I know, sorry about that.                               Bogans.

Now, how do you feel? Pumped right, how are your energy levels? have you noticed how energised and alive you feel just after doing a 1 minute workout? As you go along this journey with me I will slowly increase these over time, but for now lets stick to doing this routine every day for at least 1 week (7 days, not 6 or 5 or 4, but 7), everybody should be able to find 1 spare minute in their day so there should be no excuses not to be able to do this. 

I’ll let you know right now, you will have times when you will say to yourself “you know what, I don’t feel like it today or it won’t make a difference if I skip just one of these sessions”. This is when you need to recognise that your brain is sending you signals already, trying to get your body to quit solely based on the information you are feeding it. Negative messages that are designed to put you right back on that couch. But just like food, alcohol, social media, and couch time, all these can be done quite safely in moderation. It’s great to have a small amount of time on the couch to relax, but make sure you have earned that time first and make sure you don’t live there. 

What Was My Motivation:

When I was young I was into body building and martial arts. Being 6 foot 1″ it was a natural progression for me. After quite a few things impacted my life one after the other, I spiraled into depression and found it hard to get out. Even harder to get motivated, I lived on the couch for literally years. The only thing that got me motivated to change though was the constant aches and pains, not localised either. I’m talking pains from head to toe, even while sleeping.

It’s then I discovered Yoga, now I know yoga has been around for a long time but I never really looked into it. The health benefits and the fact that it builds strength, and tones the body all while doing a low to no impact fitness workout kind of appealed to me. So I tried it, and I must say that even though I have always been skeptical of, and avoided this exercise. I found it to be an easy to do workout that actually left me feeling great once completed, not exhausted and unable to walk some times like weight lifting used to. Plus this is an easy and great exercise that the whole family can enjoy.

Time For Growth, Setting Goals:

What you can do during this first week of your daily 1 minute primer, for motivation. Is start to learn writing lists, lists are also great for us to be able to set visual goals. This gives us a visual reference so that we can easily identify what we need to do, instead of relying on our minds. Which during the course of everyday life, we tend to forget. We can use this time to set long and short term goals, I tend to do one of each. My long term goal is then broken down into smaller, more achievable (S.M.A.R.T) goals. 

Which once the smaller goal has been achieved, one main goal point can be marked off the main, long term goal. Just like the following example, My Goal To Find Work.

Your Free Gift:

Hi Guys, like I said at the beginning. Just for starting on this journey with me I will also give you my 7 Ways To Happiness Plan absolutely free. Just press the button below.

7 Ways To Be Happy

Are you ready to get your happiness back and be the person everyone has been missing.

Just click the button below and leave 7 Ways To Be Happy in the comments section.

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