My life’s journey

I grew up with a sexually abusive father and then a physically abusive stepfather with a mother that was willing to put up with it all and would say and do nothing to prevent the escalating violence over the years. This made me, a frightened young boy living at home, become a very violent young adult with no regard for anyone. In 2018 I was clinically diagnosed with Depression, as a result of being constantly bullied, abused and intimated be my (then) employer. I find as I have gotten older that I have now turned all my energy into helping those with their own journey through depression.

If you are interested in my journey (un-scripted, raw and in my own words) Please hit the button below to purchase, once your payment is confirmed I will send you my E-Book detailing my journey. All proceeds from this book go to further research and development of systems to better help people suffering from mental illness.

Darren Wilson