Belief systems, we all have them.

We all have belief systems, or a system of beliefs that we have adopted throughout our lives. These belief systems are typical human behavior designed by us to protect ourselves, create an emotion, justify an emotion and even to make us accept or not accept a certain situation.

Negative emotions are a part of our belief systems, however negative emotions aren’t negative emotions, you’ve just been missing the message this emotion is trying to give you. Negative emotions are really emotional messages, or calls to action.

Fear is a call to action, your adrenaline starts pumping, your body starts tensing up. Emotions are a call to action, but we tend to ignore and suppress this message because we don’t recognize it for what it is.

Every emotion is a message, it’s a call to action and the action our message is trying to give us by this is we need to realize and do one of two things, or both. We need to change our perception of this or we need to change our current actions. Every negative emotion we have ever felt is not negative, we may over use them and indulge in them, but what makes them negative is that we are not getting the messages these emotions are trying to give us.

Can anybody make yo feel bad? Absolutely not! You are responsible for how you feel. Most of us are too busy indulging in negative emotion that we don’t get and understand the message the emotion is trying to give us, and for us to understand the message we must first change the meaning of the message.

What is this emotion trying to tell us, change your perception and ask yourself what does this emotion truly mean, is this person yelling at me because he hates me or maybe  he’s not not really upset about me he’s just upset about something else, maybe he isn’t in a good mood right now, maybe if he was in a good mood he would have acted differently to this.

If someone is in a bad mood it’s because they have allowed themselves to get in, or be put in a bad mood. But moods are still emotional states and emotional states can always be improved by changing our perception, (ok, this person is upset, lets see if I can help him with his problem instead of me getting upset, because then you now have two upset people throwing their anger outward in an ever increasing circle.) Or change your actions because what you’re doing isn’t working ( stay calm and not feed the fire making the situation even angrier, try offering assistance to help fix the problem and not take the problem on as your own.)

We don’t need to hate negative emotions or even see negative emotions as negative, negative emotions are only negative because this is the label we give it based on our emotion toward a given situation and even just a thought. How many times have we had something that needed doing and just because you couldn’t be bothered doing it, you made it so bad in your head in order to really hate it and avoid having to do it instead of taking the five precious minutes out of our lives and just getting it done? We need to identify what this emotion is trying to tell us in order for us to fix the problem and not allow ourselves to be ultimately weighed down and controlled by this emotion.

Nobody can ever make you feel bad or angry or hurt or frustrated or negative, these are all emotions or emotional states we have given ourselves or allowed ourselves to be in, and like I said before all we need to do is to recognize and acknowledge this emotion for what it is and then work on ways to either fix the problem or communicate a solution. Be it changing what we do or helping someone else to change what they do, because without change there’s now growth, there’s just the same old problem.


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